Rabu, 13 April 2016


So today i'm going to show you how to use httprint tool. based on net-square "httprint is a web server fingerprinting tool. It relies on web server characteristics to accurately identify web servers, despite the fact that they may have been obfuscated by changing the server banner strings, or by plug-ins such as mod_security or servermask. httprint can also be used to detect web enabled devices which do not have a server banner string, such as wireless access points, routers, switches, cable modems, etc. "

in this tutorial i using kalilinux as my virtual machine i operate the httprint using terminal command line. but there is also a GUI version for httprint you can download at this link (http://www.net-square.com/httprint.html)

so lets get started it

first you have to download the httprint because by default kali linux is not provide the httprint tools.

type the following command at terminal "apt-get install httprint"

it would take a couple of minute to install it

okay if you encounter this kind of problem don't be panic you just have to download the "signature.txt"
 go to this link and save at /usr/share/httprint folder just replace the signatures.txt folder
now lets run the httprint scanning

 from this result it say that the web server using Apache and also you can see the rest of the result if you scroll down.

so that's all i can give you today

Have a nice day ^_^

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